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the scaries tour journal's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
the scaries tour journal

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post-band summer 2005 update [22 May 2005|09:44pm]
* mike is playing in a kick ass new band, j. page

* lyle and bill opened a new bar, the reservoir in chapel hill. they're still in the mighty amish jihad.

* matt is living in switzerland for at least the summer, and after that, who knows!

* we all miss the scaries. we all miss you.
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[02 Aug 2004|06:57pm]
sometime soon, the contract on the scaries.com web page will expire and the web page will no longer be alive. if there was something you wanted from it, whether it was a picture, an mp3, or who knows what, take it now because it will soon disappear.

i always thought one of the things that was great about the scaries was how different everybody's musical background was. mike's favorite bands were things like the cure and richard buckner. bill would be happy listening to nothing but 'anthem metal' like van halen and iron maiden. i listened to indie rock. and lyle listened to things that sonically resembled a car crash.

i dj at a college radio station and there was a discussion about whether or not to playlist albums from large established indie bands on major labels. the discussion quickly degenerated into a game of haughty one-upsmanship who listens to what obscure or difficult-to-listen-to band and for how long. the conversation was stopped by this epithet, which is what i remember every time i am prone to judge another's music taste:

"i can honestly say I've never heard a song by wilco. way too much time banging my head to metal, i suppose, but i live a full life nonetheless."
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Goodbye! [09 Dec 2003|12:53pm]
"Breaking up" sounds overly dramatic. More accurately, we're playing our last show and then not showing up to band practice anymore. "No call, no show" is more like it.

People ask why we're playing our last shows. There is a popular misconception that rock bands stay together forever. Bands get together, write their songs, release them to the world, and then the members go on to work in restaurants or play in tribute bands. Maybe while they were together they were lucky enough to come to your town and play live and get drunk and sleep on your local beach. But nothing lasts forever, which is exactly the reason why after reading this and jacking around on the internet, you should get up and go do everything you keep talking about doing instead of just sitting around and talking about it.

As for what we'll be doing after this, Bill and Lyle will be continuing their metal instrumental onslaught in Amish Jhiad. Mike will be moving to Gainesville, FL and starting a new band with Jon and Derron from the band Gunmoll. On top of that, Mike and the guys from Gunmoll will be putting out a split-EP of acoustic versions their own bands' songs on Law of Inertia records sometime in 2004. And Matt will write for glossy rock magazines and travel to foreign countries that require inoculations.

We have a lot of people to thank from the last eight years. Let's start with the entire populations of Orange, Durham, Wake, Burlington, Wayne, and Alamance counties in North Carolina. That should cover everyone we know around here. And everybody in the Virginia Beach area, and whoever lived in Harrisonburg, Virginia from 1997-2001, gracias amigos. Thank you Florida, as somehow we never got a ticket for speeding or indecent exposure in your state. And thank you Garden City, Kansas and Lincoln, North Dakota for showing up in droves, because otherwise I think we would've committed seppuku out of sheer boredom while driving across the Midwest. Meanwhile, anybody who drives the speed limit in Connecticut or runs a crooked rock club in California, you can kiss our ass. You shook our faith in humanity and we hope you all get audited at least once in your lives.

If you heard our songs, you should thank these guys who made sure our records came out: Fab Del Rey records, Matt Kelley at Route 14 records, and Ross Siegel at Law of Inertia records. If you guys were waiting for the big MTV breakthrough hit so you could cash in on our back catalog, I'm sorry we let you down.

Thank you Matt Ehlers and Travis Groo for sending a lot of e-mails and making a lot of phone calls for us at one time or another.

We've played a ridiculous number of shows across three countries and can't remember all the fun places we've played. But we'd like to especially thank Go, Cat's Cradle, Lizard and Snake, Duke Coffeehouse, and Matt Dauer in Virginia Beach, as they always hooked us up and gave us whatever we wanted like the spoiled children we are. But the crowded, out-of-control house shows were some of the most memorable and we had some of the best times of our lives at the High Life House in Colorado Springs, the Spaghetti House in Harrisonburg, Tommy's apartment in Morgantown, and whatever that house was in Atlantic, NC where literally the whole town showed up.

We can't begin to name the bands that we want to thank. We wish we could play with you all one more time. If we could get all the bands we wanted to play our farewell show, it would be a three-day outdoor festival with $10 parking and $5 beers. But for the record, we'd like to say it sucks that The Revolvers, 65 Filmshow, and Gunmoll broke up before we did, and we wish they were waiting for us in band heaven.

And if sometime in the last eight years you came to our show, bought a CD, wore a t-shirt, or downloaded our songs and put them on a mix tape, thanks. You have no idea how stoked we were when you thought something we did was worth taking home (and likewise, we realized we were going to have gas money to get back home.)

And to every single person in Japan, thank you! You're all so nice.

Some people have written us some really kind letters saying all sorts of incredible things. We'd like to say that you should cheer the hell up and go start your own rock band. It's a great way to spend seven or more years of your life. We highly recommend it.

If we have any regrets, it's that we didn't get to finish another album before it was all over. But we hope somewhere along the line, we did something that made your day better than it would've been if we had just decided to stay home and watch movies.

If at some point in the last eight years we were some part of your lives, you made the band that was our lives worthwhile for us. For us, it came to an end while it was still fun. And we hope at the end of your days, you can say the same.

Ciao bella!
The Scaries
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Last shows! [09 Dec 2003|12:46pm]
The Scaries will be playing our last two shows December 13th in Chapel Hill, NC at Go Rehearsals.

If you're planning on going, we recommend getting advance tickets as the shows are likely to sell out.

the scaries + alli with an i + letdown
advanced tickets from e-tix on sale now

awk (our andrew wk cover band) + the scaries + alli with an i + xtreme badasses
advanced tickets from e-tix on sale now

If E-Tix is sold out of advanced tickets, you can over tickets with a credit card over the phone by calling the Cat's Cradle at 919-967-9053.

When we originally scheduled this show, we did not plan on it being our finale. There are many bands that we wish we could play with one more time before we end.

We'll have the last of our t-shirts, our CD's, and all the remaining copies of our first CD Over You.
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october 11 2003 - rochester mi [12 Oct 2003|12:52pm]
we saw the biggest asshole in the world at a gas station in detroit.

description: 5'3", ridiculous bulging muscles, gold chains, mustache, big ass truck, dirty stonewashed jeans, talks in no less than 120 dB, no shirt in october.

just one of those guys that you see and think, "i bet he likes to fight. for no reason. just go to the bar and fight."

also, it's unclear why he wasn't living in south florida.
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october 10 2003 - minneapolis mn [12 Oct 2003|12:51pm]
in case you didn't know, minneapolis has the nicest people in the world.

and now that dillinger four has opened the triple rock, they have the best bar in the world too.
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october 9 2003 - lincoln, nd [12 Oct 2003|12:30pm]
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october 7 2003 - tacoma wa [08 Oct 2003|02:37am]
hey, check it out, our transmission is acting up again!

today we went to guitar center. man, those places are a headache. but then bill picked up some metal guitar and plugged it into a line 6 amp and turned it up and did pick squeals and metal riffs at full volume in the middle of the store for ten minutes to the complete either chagrin or amazement of all the mulleted employees. that's what happens when you're drunk by 4 p.m.
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october 6 2003 - portland or [08 Oct 2003|02:13am]
hey, check it out. it's raining in portland. no way.

everybody at the show was super nice, but they were all from somewhere else.

we seriously considered making a stop by the aamco transmission joint in redding, california where we got our transmission "fixed" while on tour in 2000, but we were afraid that we'd get recognized by the people at the rental car place next door where we rented a 15 person passenger van to finish the dates on that tour. whoever owns that van today, we're sorry if the engine was never right again.

we spent the night in a some ritzy lake cabin somewhere on the washington-oregon border. mike drank two $100 bottles of wine. lyle stole a stack of commemerative dvd's. bill got to spend all night on the terminator 2 videogame. i got to sleep in a really sketchy waterbed.
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october 5 2003 - san francisco ca [08 Oct 2003|02:07am]
"whoever made this shit should win a nobel prize. most inventions don't work half this time. like a watch, watches always break. but this shit always gets the job done. one can of this and you are fucking flying. but it's like putting energy on a credit card; you are borrowing energy from the future. you will pay."

- bill fischer, ruminating on red bull
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october 4 2003 - canoga park ca [08 Oct 2003|01:58am]
so, you ever heard that eddie murphy skit about italian people and rocky?

in the italian deli next door to the cobalt, they really do have a framed picture of rocky.
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october 3 2003 - i have no idea where, ca [03 Oct 2003|08:59am]
so, we were supposed to play in victorville, california. but the club owner called the cops on some screamo bands that played there a couple days ago, so the whole thing got moved to a house show. when the directions to the house include, "and then you'll turn onto a gravel road", you don't have high expectations. but this house show out in the middle of freakin' nowhere turned into one of the funnest shows on tour so far. people were out of control.

we almost didn't get to play because bill and i were shooting off fireworks in what turns out to be some state-protected grassland. it didn't help when the neighbors mistakened some exploding roman candles for gunshots. but bill proved his alcohol-fueled proficiency at talking down both the cops and the neighbors. bravo, bill.
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october 2 2003 - fullerton ca [03 Oct 2003|08:53am]
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wednesday october 1 2003 - hemet ca [02 Oct 2003|11:11am]
people think rednecks come from the south, but every state has their own unique brand of rednecks. everybody is familiar with the famed iroc-z driving brand of new jersey redneck. there's the midwestern sweatshirt and pickup truck kind of redneck. well, last night, we experienced full-on socal redneck. the scene was beyond description. just imagine a room full of people that would say "dude, whatever happens at the lake, stays at the lake!"

warning: the dance dance revolution machine at the pizza joint across the street from shooters is totally busted.
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tuesday september 30 2003 - tempe az [01 Oct 2003|06:04am]
"valley of the sun", my ass! "valley of ultraviolent and infrared radiation incessantly beating down to destroy you" is more like it.

yesterday we did a radio interview at the new mexico state university at krux; this time it was with arizona state university at kasc. when play one of our songs, we have them play the first song off our new demo. it doesn't have a name yet, so we tell them it's called "a fistful of yen" and is about our days in the yakuza. what is disconcerting is that they don't realize it's a joke.
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monday september 29 2003 - las cruces nm [01 Oct 2003|05:41am]
the highlight (or opposite of highlight, whatever that is) of today is when we went to roswell, nm. we did not see any extraterrestials, but we did get destroyed by a mexican food buffet. there is no cure for an overdose of cheese and refried beans. i'm surprised we could even play the show.
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sunday september 28 2003 - lubbock tx [29 Sep 2003|02:53am]
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saturday september 27 2003 - kansas city mo [29 Sep 2003|02:42am]
if you never heard the revolvers from kansas city, you are missing out. we named the first track off souvenir as a dedication to these guys. they broke up a couple years ago and now their superhero guitar player plays in the gadjits. these guys are the reason we always go out of our way to play in k.c.

holy shit did a small victory rock out tonight. mark has some serious roger daltry microphone tricks. then they went around pasting stickers that say "I TAKE IT IN THE ASS LIKE A ROCKABILLY BITCH" on everything and everybody in sight. then we went to some bar where i got sexually harassed by some waitress named 'diva'.

this time, bill and mike stay up all night yelling and dribbling superballs in justin from the revolver's apartment. we have to get up at 6 a.m. so we can start driving to tejas. arrrggh!
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friday september 26 2003 - atlanta ga [29 Sep 2003|02:41am]
we're doing most of this tour with a small victory from atlanta. these guys are absolutely crazy in the best way possible. their singer, mark, spends most of the day in a cowboy hat, a denim vest, and light blue pajama bottoms with no underwear. there's nothing like going into a gas station and watching the place fall silent as soon as you walk through the door. certainly a model for today's youth.

the show is at the neutron bomb, a space next to a liquor store down by the train tracks in downtown atlanta. we regaled the crowd with tales and instructions of how to glitter bomb your friends while sleeping.

we have to be in kansas city tomorrow. seriously, like twelve hours away. we start driving after the show and end up crashing in the van behind some gas station in kentucky. except bill and mark, who stayed up all night and woke everybody else up all night. my friends, what a bunch of assholes.
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september 26 2003 - columbia sc [26 Sep 2003|06:45pm]
day one: bill and lyle dumped silver glitter all over mike when he was asleep. boy, was he angry. the retribution should be hilarious!
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